Transforming and improving clinical research capabilities in New York state to benefit patients

About Us

The Partnership to Advance Clinical electronic Research (PACeR) is a broad-based health care collaborative to provide the next generation of clinical research for new medicines. PACeR brings together global health care organizations and health care experts to share the task of creating and sustaining efficient processes to help more quickly and easily match patients with clinical trials. These organizations include global hospitals, HIT, and pharmaceutical companies.

PACeR will also work with standards and regulatory-based organizations, including the Food and Drug Administration, Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium, and Health Level-7.

PACeR is focused on patient benefit, recognizing the importance of adhering to strict safeguards to protect patients' interests, including safety, quality, individualized care, privacy, and access to timely care. PACeR will work closely with the participating medical centers to assess current data capabilities and leverage the opportunities presented to integrate clinical trial elements into electronic clinical records repositories.

By working in concert with all stakeholders, the PACeR collaborative will be on the leading edge of defining, driving, and realizing the benefits of change, in the interest of current and future patients.

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PACeR has implemented social networks, groups, and forums to disseminate study content and provide a survey to pre-screen potential patients.

PACeR My Health Social Network

A private social network that connects research scientists, clinicians, patients, and community organizations. The social network empowers real-time collaborative research to improve patient health, medical safety, and health outcomes.

PACeR Research Network

An integrated web-based portal to access a broad suite of PACeR applications such as social groups and forums, professional network, cloud-based research tools, survey instruments, and more in order to facilitate a collaborative clinical research environment.

PACeR Research Pro

A private, online clinical research community connecting clinical research scientists with practicing physicians and PIs to support cloud-based research. It provides a clinical research toolkit and dashboard, allowing the planning, design, construct, deployment, and management of any clinical study.

Online Screening Survey

Potential subjects or caregivers access custom-designed study-specific survey questions through the MyHealth portal and answer questions about medical history, medications, and disease state. The survey platform can provide a clinical detail push to data mined assets.

Patient Education

PACeR Education is a growing library providing the definition, symptoms, causes, and risk factors of major diseases. It also, as available, provides a description of new clinical trials and research projects in which people with a specific disease may want to enroll. Associated with a specific project will be a survey that will help a person determine if they are qualified to participate and the location of research sites for the study. Once a study is underway, PACeR Education will make it possible for researchers to host a forum to allow study participants to communicate with the researchers and with one another.

PACeR Phase 1 generated a practical plan for improving the quality and speed of the clinical trial process. PACeR published Phase 1 results in a white paper, Transforming and Improving Clinical Research Capabilities in New York State to Benefit Patients, available to the public at Ongoing PACeR activities to implement Phase 1 recommendations and build capability will be publicly reported.

PACeR Phase 2 will include a series of demonstration projects. Since many of these demonstration projects are proprietary to specific companies and institutions, they will not be in the public domain.

What PACeR Will Achieve

PACeR will deliver significant benefits for patients, providers, and other health care sector participants, including:

  • Accelerating the process of delivering new medicines to patients
  • Improving the efficiency and efficacy of research conducted by academic medical centers
  • Improving the ability of information technology companies to understand patient and provider needs, resulting in enhanced system offerings
  • Increasing the return on investment for pharmaceutical research resources
  • Augmenting New York State's unique position as the global epicenter for medical research

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