Transforming and improving clinical research capabilities in New York state to benefit patients

The Partnership to Advance Clinical electronic Research (PACeR)

The Partnership for Advancing Clinical Electronic Research (PACeR) is a collaborative of leading health care and biopharmaceutical organizations, New York State medical centers, and technology companies that is developing tools, business models, and processes to advance clinical research.  A key component of this effort is leveraging existing and new types of clinical care data in scientific research by engaging and connecting patients, physicians, and institutions throughout the research process.  Initial applications include clinical trial modeling, patient identification for clinical trials, and safety/outcomes monitoring.  PACeR is currently conducting its first four enrollment acceleration projects for real-world clinical studies, leveraging clinical care data, referral networks, and patient information and screening portals.  The PACeR team also features an advisory board consisting of government agencies, standards bodies, patient advocates, and bio-ethicists.  Sponsoring members include Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Oracle, Pfizer, Quintiles, and Roche.  The Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) and fifteen major New York medical center networks were additional founding members, and an additional eleven sites have since become involved through recent projects.

Key work is focused on four areas:

  1. Assessing the quality and scope of data currently available and how insights could be delivered to researchers;
  2. Ensuring the business design provides proper incentives for all necessary stakeholders (including doctors and patients);
  3. Assessing and addressing potential legal & regulatory obstacles (e.g., security, privacy, data ownership, secondary use); and
  4. Identifying how today’s solutions can be an enabler to the ideal-state solutions of the future (e.g., elimination of EDC due to standard and integrated data capture incorporating EMR and CTMS).